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Irrigation On Autopilot

Water is the most essential element to ensure planting success. We have designed an irrigation system that requires only sunlight and can run for several hours every day. Solar panels power a pump to push water through drip lines to the plants. System data is sent to an online dashboard to monitor for maintenance.  The quality of the irrigation is optimal, the economics are unbeatable and we are very excited to be able to offer this system to our clients.

Benefits of Solar Irrigation

  • Consistency in the watering of plants
  • Increased planting success rates
  • Lower cost with little to no labour required after installation
  • No fuel or electrical hookup required
  • Can be set up in remote sites where irrigation options are unavailable
  • LTE connection links with realtime remote dashboard
  • Warranty protection in your contracts
  • Competitive pricing and much more effective
  • Can irrigate over 10 Hectares
  • Can utilize many sources of water: tank, river, pond etc.
  • Carbon neutral powered irrigation
  • Remote Controlled Automation

    Real-time LTE data communication is built into every solar pump. At any time you can see the statistics of the pump at your planting project. The dashboard records everything and automates sharing of irrigation data to partners.