Solar Irrigation

Benefits of Solar Irrigation

Consistency in the watering of plants

Increased planting success rates

No fuel or electrical hookup required

LTE connection links with realtime remote dashboard

Warranty protection in your contracts

Competitive pricing and much more effective

Can irrigate over 10 Hectares

Carbon neutral powered irrigation

Water monitoring during drought season

Lower cost with little to no labour required after installation

Can be set up in remote sites where irrigation options are unavailable

Can utilize many sources of water: tank, river, pond etc.

Remote Controlled Automation

Real-time LTE data communication is built into every solar pump. At any time you can see the statistics of the pump at your planting project. The dashboard records everything and automates sharing of irrigation data to partners.

Utilize our Patented Solar Irrigation system for your next project

Patented Autonomous Solar-Powered Irrigation System

Solar Panels

Utilize solar panels to power the irrigation system in remote locations

Solar Pumps

Patented technology that allows remote control and automation of the irrigation systems

Water holding tanks

The use of water tanks allows irrigation any day, or time without needing access to a nearby water source

Irrigation Lines

This allows the water to be pumped over long distances to the drip emitters for consistent and accurate watering