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Revegetation Services

Mining, Construction, Municipal

Soil & Plant Supply

High-quality material delivered on time as needed. We have a screening process where low-quality plant material is rejected so you only get the best. We have our own holding facility so that we can prime and prepare the plants for our harsh climate before delivery to your project.


Planting Service

The right plants in the right places planted by professionals to ensure the greatest opportunity to thrive. We work closely with project partners to time plant installations and we have the facilities to work with construction delays so that the plants never suffer during the wait.


Solar Irrigation

Explosive plant growth and no more dead plants is what you can expect with an irrigation system designed by horticulturalists. The highest quality watering at a lower cost per litre, plus peace of mind in the hot months with solar powered irrigation.


Have a Problem? We Make Solutions.

We work with you to find simple solutions to unique problems: Plant mortality, difficult maintenance, unusual irrigation requirements, remote access sites, plant prescription consulting, negative plant reactions and more. Please contact us to talk to our Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners so we can help make your project a success.