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Our Core Team

Kate Pare, BaSc, MSc, P. Biol

Senior Project Manager/Monitoring Lead

Brett Schritt, B.E.S., C.E.R.P

Senior Project Manager/Industry Superintendent

Andrew Renaux


Jason Di Pietro

Vice President of Business Development

Dave Carlton


Gabriel Staples, B.F.A., E.A.R.D.

Quality Assurance Manager


Leaf Ninjas is looking for enthusiastic talent, ready to tackle challenging projects, that will ultimately enable the restoration of our land.

We are an equal opportunity employer offering competitive wages, ongoing education and a positive, inclusive working environment.

Have a Problem? We Make Solutions.

We work with you to find simple solutions to unique problems: Plant mortality, difficult maintenance, unusual irrigation requirements, remote access sites, plant prescription consulting, negative plant reactions and more. Please contact us to talk to our Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners so we can help make your project a success.